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About MappTrek

MappTrek is a new, exciting social media app designed to elevate your lifestyle, giving you the tools to experience the world around you and showcase your achievements. To learn more, contact us today!

Key Features

Share Your Plans

Broadcast the geolocation of an event to friends only or to the general public.

Create Memories

Record your current location, add pictures, invite others in the area to join you, etc.

Home Page Advantage

View trending, local and friends planned events and active treks from your home screen.

Dynamically Yours

Anywhere in the world, find local events via the dynamic map view or by cateogy search.

Friends Friends Friends

When friends download the app, you can share planned events and invite them to active treks.

MappTrek is perfect for...

Family Fun

Family Fun

Family Fun

Markets & Fairs

Family Fun

Rallies & Protests

Family Fun

Outdoor Adventures

Family Fun

World Travel

Family Fun

Concerts, Clubs & Bars

Family Fun


Family Fun

Fun with Friends

...and more—anywhere, anytime!

Get out there...life is waiting!

Coming Soon to Android